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Recruitment Program!

The Orbisonia-Rockhill Volunteer Fire Company will be organizing its first ever Recruitment Program.  The purpose of this program is to boost membership and address a number of concerns within the department such as:

  • the small number of emergency responders responding to alarms
  • the lack of help at company fundraisers due to "burnout" of current members
  • lack of new, young volunteers to keep the department operating in the future
  • to alleviate stress of current members who must perform multiple roles (example: holding four positions because there is no one else to do it)

The ORFD will be taking steps to reach out to the community.  These steps include:

  •  Fliers/Mailers
  • Brochures at local businesses throughout the community
  • A community forum where we discuss in detail our department (number of volunteers, number of calls, hours of training, average response times, operating costs, fund-raising efforts, audit reports, etc.) to local community leaders and ask for advice from them
  • Letter to the editor in local newspapers
  • TV ads
  • Radio ads
  • Open House 

We Fill Swimming Pools!

Company 9 fills swimming pools!  If you would like to inquire about getting your swimming pool filled, contact our station phone (814-447-3221).  We try to limit our pool filling jobs to our primary coverage area and neighboring fire company coverage areas.  We may be able to go further depending on your location and available water fill sites.

SCBA Basketball

 some company members participated in SCBA Basketball during the weekly company level training.


09/13/09 - Bus Rescue Class Complete!



7/26/09 - Fire Apparatus Get a Wax Job

Today Company 9 members spent six hours washing and waxing the fire apparatus in preparation for the Shade Gap Parade and for the winter that is slowly approaching.

7/20/09 - Station 9 gets a new Sign

Members of the ORFD mounted a recently purchased lighted sign on the side of the station this past weekend (after purchasing the appropriate permit).  This sign will be used for advertising events and fundraisers as well as a recruitment tool.