We Need You!

As a 100% Volunteer organization, the ORFD is in constant need of people who are willing to help others.  Help us help the community.


Helping others

Helping Neighbors

Looking for a Job? Fire Company Experience and Training looks GREAT on a Resume!

It's Fun and Exciting

Become part of a team

Be a part of the family - Start a tradition

Free Training!

Have you ever wanted to rappel on a rope? You Can!

How to Join

If you live within the Boroughs of Orbisonia, Rockhill, and Shirleysburg, or the Townships of Cromwell, Shirley, and Lack, you are or may be within the fire service coverage area of the Orbisonia-Rockhill Volunteer Fire Company.  In this case, you are a prime candidate. If you live in another fire company's coverage area, but would like to volunteer with the ORFD, you can still apply for membership.

There are a number of ways that you can apply for a membership with the ORFD.

  •  If you know someone that is already a member, contact him or her (if they haven't contacted you already).  He or she will get you set up with an application and help guide you through the process.
  • If you drive by the station, stop in while the apparatus bay doors are up and someone will answer any questions you may have and provide you with an application.
  • If you do not find anyone at the station, or do not pass by the station, call us and leave a message with your name and number and someone will get back to you.

What if I'm not sure I want to join yet?

That's fine! You can still come around the station when members are present.  We can answer questions, show you the apparatus, discuss  our policies and procedures.  If you would like to "hang out" to get a feel for the place, that is fine too!

Volunteer Functions

There are a number of functions that you as a potential volunteer can perform if you join a fire company.  You can choose to do everything that the fire company has to offer; or you can choose to only do one specific function.  Regardless, there is a place for nearly everyone within the volunteer fire service.  Here are some of the functions that you can perform in any combination:

  • Fire Fighting (Putting the wet stuff on the red stuff)
  • Rescue (Cutting cars apart with powerful tools)
  • Fund Raising (Keeping the doors open and equipment rolling)
  • Administrative (Always overlooked)
  • On Call Support (Help the helpers. We greatly appreciate it!)
  • Media (Photographer)
  • Web Design
  • And the list goes on...

Training Pathway Recommendations

Even though the Orbisonia-Rockhill Fire Company holds in-house training, we require that personnel who wish to respond to emergency calls successfully complete Pennsylvania State Certified Classes.

 Basic Training - Before Riding Apparatus (34 Hours):

  •  Incident Command System 100
  • Incident Command System 200
  • National Incident Management System 700
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • Hazardous Materials Operations


Fire Suppression Pathway (166 Hours):

  •  Essentials of Firefighting/Delmar Curriculum
    • Essentials (Hours Vary)
    • Essentials Module A-D
    • Delmar: Introduction to the Fire Service, Fire Ground Support, Exterior Fire Fighting, and Interior Fire Fighting with live burn
      • Note: In order to ride fire apparatus to an emergency, the student must successfully complete the first two classes of the Delmar curriculum. To be eligible to operate on the exterior, the student must complete "Exterior Fire Fighting."  However, the student is not permitted to don breathing apparatus and therefore must not enter a potential dangerous atmosphere.  To qualify for interior attack, the student must successfully complete the Interior Fire Fighting class with the live burn session.
  • Various Fire Suppression/Operations Classes (Not Required by ORFD)
  • Fire Fighter I Certification (Not Required by ORFD)
  • Fire Fighter II Certification (Not Required by ORFD)
  • Other Advanced Certifications (Not Required by ORFD)


Rescue Pathway (48 Hours):

  •  Basic Vehicle Rescue Awareness
  • Basic Vehicle Rescue Operations
  • Basic Vehicle Rescue Technician*
    • Successful Completion of Department of Health written examination.
  • Various Other Rescue Classes/Certifications (Not Required by ORFD)


Driver/Operator Pathway (40 Hours):

  •  Emergency Vehicle Operation Course
  • Pump I
  • Individual Driver Training
  • Approval of the Fire Chief (Driving Test)